2009 IEEE International Conference on

Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

In Advance-Member 500.00
In Advance-Non Members 625.00
In Advance-Red. Rate  
In Advance-Student Member 300.00
In Advance-Student Non Member 350.00
In Advance-Society  
In Advance-Life Member 300.00
At Conference-Member 625.00
At Conference-Non Member 780.00
At Conference-Red. Rate  
At Conference-Student Member 350.00
At Conference-Student Non Member 400.00
At Conference Society  
At Conference-Life Member 350.00
Tutorial Fees 20.00

*All fees quoted are in U.S. Dollars and all payment should be made in U.S. Dollars.

Advance rate before July 30, 2009
On-site rate: after July 30, 2009
Addition paper fee: $100 per page beyond 6 pages.
Additional paper: $200 per addition paper

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6. Registration Management

Referring to IEEE SMCS Conference and Meetings Policies, Procedures and Information, "Qualification for Student Reduced Registration Fee"

The established rule was that anyone wishing to register for the conference as a student must be a student of at least half-time status in a degree-seeking program.

This proof of student status could be provided in any of the following forms: a copy of the person’s current IEEE student membership card; a copy of the person’s current transcript (primarily US and Canada); or a letter for the person’s institution (department chair or dean with signature) stating that the individual is pursuing a degree at least half-time.